Make money and help others.

A magical equation.

Ravida Rewards is a referral program, profit-sharing, and social impact wrapped into one.

What is $HEAL?

The key to our innovative rewards program.

A ERC-20 token use blockchain rails to ensure that we can seamlessly share our wins with our community of supporters.

Why build rewards with $HEAL

It's all about pushing the mission forward.

1. Secure

You don't have to give us any information other than your wallet address.

2. Easy

Get a wallet set-up faster than you can say "Ravida helps people."

3. Frictionless

You don't have to do anything, just automagically receive USDC to your wallet.

$HEAL Scoreboard

We update this weekly to reflect what's happening internally to the public.


$HEAL Outstanding


Network fees in Jan '24


USDC per token held

Let's make healthcare more humane, together.

We're all in this and we want to put our money where our mouths are.

A portion of every dollar Ravida makes will be distributed to our supporters and users.

How cashback works with $HEAL

1. Every ask is assessed a network fee

This network fee is to reward people who support our mission of making healthcare more humane.

2. Last day of the month the network is credited

If Ravida receives $1.2M in network fees during the month of July, the network gets 100% of that balance.

3. Ravida distributes USDC to all $HEAL owners

On the 10th of every month, the $1.2M gets distributed to tokenholders in a pro-rata format.

Ways to earn $HEAL

Return an ask early

Every dollar that is returned early is worth 3 $HEAL. Return $1,000 early, get 3,000 $HEAL.

Contribute to an ask

Every dollar contributed is worth 1 $HEAL. Help us help more and get portion of our revenues.

Refer new users

Any time a user indicates that they heard about us through you, you will receive 10 $HEAL. That means you'll earn just by helping people pay for healthcare.

Complete bounties

Bounties are simple tasks that spread the word about Ravida and it's mission to make healthcare more humane.

Bounty #1: Give us a way to reach out

Get 25 $HEAL

We want to give you updates on Ravida and tips on improving your own health (and those around you).

Bounty #2: Follow us on X

Get 5 $HEAL

Keep up to date with what's happening in our space. Share things that interest you.