Say goodbye to paying for healthcare costs with debt

The icing on the cake? You earn cash-infused rewards when you use Ravida.

What is an Ask?

An ask is when a Ravida user makes a request with a dollar amount.

We don't run your credit. We don't require a lengthy description of what you will use the funds for.

You only need to verify your income and let us know the amount for your ask.

Healthcare debt is the leading cause for personal bankruptcy.

That's why you will never have interest or finance charges that accrue over time.

No confusing math to figure out what you'll actually pay.

We Aim For Simplicity, Always.

Splitting your health and wellness expenses into micropayments shouldn't be complicated.

Ravida helps you do it in less than 60 seconds.

Make an Ask

You can click here to submit an ask right now!

Sign a Note

We'll review your ask and sends a promissory note with a request for documentation.

Get the Cash

So you can get the money faster, we'll send it via CashApp - right to your phone.

Returning Your Ask


Income-Based Repayment

In order to make sure anyone can use Ravida without adding debt, we allow you to repay as a portion of your of monthly income.

The lowest tier is 2.5%.


Autopay each pay period

Ravida will send you an payment link for the amount of the ask split into bi-weekly chunks.

This allows you to easily and quickly pay each pay period.


Make Another Ask

Depending on your income, you can make unlimited asks in any given year to cover your healthcare costs.

The maximum you can ask for is $40,000. The minimum is $10.

Transparency Around Our Fees

If you introduce Ravida to 5 people in your community, we'll waive all of the fees except for the network fee (have to make sure we take care of our loyal supporters).

Processing fee

We use Stripe to handle the asks, contributions, and rewards systems. For every transaction, we have to pay a percent of the amount of that transaction.

Admin fee

This is our lifeblood. The majority of our company expenses are covered by the admin fee. Without it, we simply wouldn't be able to exist.

Success fee

Ask Success is the most valuable part of our offering. We have team members that are dedicated to evaluating, collecting, returning, and evangelizing our innovative ask system.

Network fee

Our network is one of our most important growth engines. People who help share the mission of Ravida get rewarded by receiving a portion of the network fees.

Payback = Cashback

When you return your ask, we take the money and then give it to other Ravida users.

In fact, when you pay it back faster, we get to help more people!

That is why we return the favor with our rewards program.

Everyone wins.