Warby Parker revolutionized the process of buying glasses online.

Ravida is revolutionizing the way people earn cash when they take care of their health.

Get approved in under 60 minutes and receive money straight to your bank account.

Use Ravida to buy your next pair of Warby Parker glasses, and earn enough cash-infused rewards to pay for the pair after that.

Every time you use Ravida, you earn cash-infused rewards. These rewards are earned by:

1. Using Ravida

2. Sending friends our way

3. Making contributions for other Ravida users

In using Ravida, you can buy a different pair of frames for any of your professional or social needs.

You can buy five upfront and then split the costs into biweekly micropayments, no interest/debt.

Three simple steps

1. Make an Ask

On our ask page, fill out the form to let us know what kind of support you need.

2. Sign a Note

Ravida reviews your ask and sends a promissory note with a request for documentation.

3. Get the Cash

So you can get the money faster, we'll send it via CashApp - right to your phone.

Other Ways to use Ravida

Doctor Copays & Prescriptions

The most frequent healthcare bills are copay and prescriptions. They don't have a dollar figure, but can prevent someone from getting care when they should.

Dental Procedures

Oral health is important and the costs can compound over time. Miss one cleaning or one cavity, and it can result in high-priced surgeries later on.

Deductible / Coinsurance

If you have insurance one of the largest expenses to come out of your bank account is your deductible. Until it is hit, your insurance provider won't step up.