Put your money to work while helping others.

Contributing to Ravida is like GoFundMe...with cash rewards.

What is a Contributor?

Our network of people who help others stay out of financial struggles due to healthcare costs.

When you support our users, you have the ability to earn rewards with every dollar you contribute.

How contributing works.

There are three parts.


Make a pledge

You can click here to submit an ask right now!


The Re-up

We'll review your ask and sends a promissory note with a request for documentation.


Get the Cash

So you can get the money faster, we'll send it via CashApp - right to your phone.

Healthcare debt is the leading cause for personal bankruptcy.

That's why we don't have interest or finance charges that accrue over time. What you see is what you get.

No confusing math to figure out what you'll actually pay.

Things to Know

Not an investment

Contributing to the network is not an investment. We will apply to asks on a first-in, first-out basis, there is no guarantee that you will receive all of it.

$HEAL is double dipping

If your contribution gets returned, you are effectively getting both sides of the coin. Our tokenholders receive 5% of our revenues.

You can pledge a % of income

If you want, we can pull a monthly amount from your bank account as contributions for which you will earn cash rewards as part of our network.

Network fee

Our network is one of our most important growth engines. People who help share the mission of Ravida get rewarded by receiving a portion of the network fees.

Not an investment.

But, maybe a bit better.

With GoFundMe, Kickstarter, and others you are contributing to an idea or a future product.

Contributing with Ravida is a different approach.

100% of your contirbution goes to helping others.

For every dollar you contribute, you get a percentage of our future revenues.

Everyone wins.