Recycling your $HEAL to earn more


We get asked if there are any advanced strategies to using your $HEAL to create exponential value. The answer put simply: yes. There are many ways for someone to get creative and use our rewards program to generate monthly passive income that can become much much more.

In this article, let’s dig into a strategy for recycling or reallocating your $HEAL to earn more each month. It’s a blend between earning credit card points and reinvesting dividends from a mutual fund. It’s a loyalty program built on the blockchain, but with real utility.

This is how we change lives (and change the game).

What is $HEAL

$HEAL is the digital currency that underpins the Ravida Rewards program.

We created it as a “marker” or leaderboard for the biggest contributors to Ravida’s success. Because of the way the backend works, it also means we are able to share the growth of the impact with our supporters. This is fairly unprecedented as we’re using technology to promote growth so that everyone wins: users, contributors, the community, and Ravida itself.

$HEAL is built on the polygon network which is a layer-2 blockchain protocol (Ethereum is the layer-1 that Poloygon is built on). It enables us to send rewards without needing to know your email or build a robust (and confusing) points system. In fact, with our rewards program, what you see is what you get.

Other loyalty and rewards systems obscure the exact dollar value of each point. We list it plainly on our website, that way you know exactly what each of our $HEAL is worth.

You don’t need to design complicated formulas to understand the value of each token. The value is simple, you can just visit our rewards page to see it.

Benefits of owning $HEAL: Cashback

Within every ask that Ravida fulfills, there is a “network fee” that are incorporated into the final amount that users need to return. 100% of that fee is distributed to $HEAL owners. Every month we combine all of our network fees collected and then send it out, pro-rata, to the rewards members.

For example: If you own 10% of the outstanding $HEAL and we receive $100,000 in network fees, you will receive $10,000 that month.

That $10,000 will come via USDC deposited directly into your digital wallet. You don’t need to give us bank account information, or any other personally identifying information.. You stay secure and private while still earning rewards for your belief in what we’re building at Ravida. USDC is pegged to the U.S. dollar and considered a stablecoin. When you receive the USDC you can spend it directly from your digital wallet (Coinbase wallets can request a physical Visa card) or you can transfer it to your bank account. The best thing you can do? Recycle it.

By building $HEAL on a decentralized platform it means that we always know how much someone has supported our organization and can reward them accordingly. The best part is that this isn’t just a one-time thing. Ever single month we distribute those fees. You can earn $HEAL in 2024 and get a portion of the network fee in 2029.

For what we’re building, it pays to support our mission of making healthcare more humane.

How to earn $HEAL

Refer a friend

Every time you refer someone and they make an ask that gets fulfilled, you are rewarded 10 $HEAL.

Return an ask early

When you have an ask fulfilled, you are given an adaptive return schedule based on your household income. When you return your ask earlier than the schedule, the remaining balance that SHOULD have continued will convert into $HEAL…multiplied by 3.

Example: You have an ask for $4,000 that will be returned in two years. If you return it in 12 months instead, you will receive 6,000 $HEAL.

Contributing to other asks

Making a contribution is a 1:1 way to earn rewards. Each dollar you contribute to helping another user live a healthier life, you will receive 1 $HEAL

Recycling your $HEAL

Think of recycling as similar to reinvesting your dividends in a mutual fund. Recycling allows you to take your winnings and continuing to let it ride on a the same “bet” as before. In this scenario, you are taking the distribution of the network fees and making a contribution to the network.

1. This allows us to fulfill more asks, which will generate more network fees

2. 100% of the contribution, minus payment processing costs, goes to users of Ravida

By recycling you’re getting more cashback because you are earning more $HEAL by making a contribution (aka growing the mission). You can do this infinitely as the distributions come each month. The more $HEAL you own the more USDC you earn - it’s as simple as that.

This cycle will continue to boost your share of our distributions until you are ready to begin transferring the USDC into your bank account or spend it using a custom VISA debit card.

Helping others on their journey for better health

When you recycle your $HEAL rewards, you are helping others on their journey of better health.

Ever thought that your desire to earn more cashback rewards would directly help people have better lives? We designed this program to be something that helps you make money and help others.

When it comes to healthcare, for so long there have been opposing parties. Whether it’s the hospitals not sending bills on time, or health insurers denying a claim because of an honest mistake. No matter the case it always feels like the patients get the short end of the stick.

In Ravida’s world, the future of healthcare can have everyone win. Patients, contributors, healthcare facilities, and communities who need better support to live better lives.

Ravida makes healthcare more humane.

Help us, help others.

And make money doing it.