Why Ravida Gives Back: The Strategic Vision Behind Cash-Infused Rewards


At the outset of building Ravida, we wanted to create something that would provide immense value to people's lives. We mean that literally. We want people to live longer and more fuller lives. That is why we built a platform that helps them destress their bank accounts and their bodies simultaneously.

That’s why we can confidently say we're revolutionizing how people think about paying to live their healthiest lives. Our rewards program, powered by the $HEAL token on the Polygon blockchain, isn't just about making healthcare more accessible—it's about rewarding Ravida users for being an active part of our community.

Here’s how it all works and why it’s a game-changer for both our users and the broader healthcare ecosystem.

What is Ravida Rewards?

First let’s talk about our “cryptoback” aka cash-infused rewards program. We approached this program to allows users to do three things:

1. Use your Ravida rewards to pay for other health and wellness expenses (or anything that improves your quality of life)

2. Leverage your rewards as an investment into other digital currency or turn them into stock ownership

3. Recycle your rewards so that you can compound your earnings to do more of 1 and 2 above

The program stands out because we redistributes 20% of the fees from user micropayments back to the community members based on the amount of $HEAL tokens they hold. Put another way, we give you some of the money that you pay us with each micropayment. Ever been paid to live a healthier life?

Our method rewards your engagement and encourages participation in the platform's ecosystem, aiming to build a committed community. Every single month, you get a distribution directly to your wallet, whether or not you earned any $HEAL in the meantime. That’s right, you can use Ravida once and earn rewards for years.

The point of this whole concept, from the very beginning, was to improve the user experience and support a thriving ecosystem where users feel valued for their contributions.

Btw, you can earn $HEAL tokens in three primary ways:

1. Returning an Ask Early: If you repay your financial support for healthcare expenses ahead of schedule, you'll earn $HEAL tokens based on the remaining time.

2. Making Contributions to Ravida: By contributing funds that help finance future asks from other users, you’ll receive $HEAL tokens directly into your wallet—1 $HEAL for every $1 contributed. These contributors are akin to liquidity providers in the financial world, vital for sustaining and expanding our ability to support more users.

3. Referring new users to Ravida: This is pretty self-explanatory. In our app there’s a place for you to invite users. When they use Ravida for the first time, you will instantly get more rewards.

Spending Your Rewards

To maximize the benefits of these cash-infused rewards, you can sign-up for a Coinbase Card. This card acts as the gateway to using your rewards just like cash. That’s right...with us, your rewards magically show up on your card every month. No need to do anything but swipe.

The functionality of the Coinbase card mirrors that of a traditional VISA card, providing flexibility in how you can spend your rewards (although we would love it if you used them on health & wellness expenses). This adaptability ensures that you can use your cash-infused rewards at millions of merchant locations across the globe, anywhere VISA is accepted.

This feature acts is our bridge from $HEAL to a dollar in your wallet, allowing you to integrate the advantages of digital currency into your everyday financial activities with ease. Whether it's paying for groceries, covering the cost of fuel, or indulging in some online shopping, your Coinbase card, fueled by Ravida Rewards, empowers you to do it all.

Why Give Cash to Customers?

You might be curious why Ravida opts to offer cash back to its users rather than focusing solely on maximizing its profits. It goes a lot deeper than this, but here are three of the top reasons:

Empowerment and Autonomy: At the core of our philosophy is the belief that true empowerment stems from granting individuals the autonomy to make their own decisions. By offering cash back, we place control and autonomy in the hands of our users, allowing them to steer their healthcare decisions and financial well-being with greater confidence and independence.

We acknowledge the various needs and preferences of our community of users, and want to cheer them on as they developer a deeper connection and engagement with their health and financial paths. It's about showing respect for their choices and empowering you to take charge of you own lives in a way that's meaningful.

Encouraging Engagement: Our experience has shown that providing a cash-infused incentives markedly boosts regular interaction with our platform. This frequent engagement transcends mere transactions; it cultivates a meaningful relationship. Cultivating a loyal community is pivotal for our sustained success, and the insights we gain from our active users are valuable.

These interactions enable us to continually refine and enhance our product, ensuring that we're consistently addressing our users' needs.

Sustainable Growth: The essence of our entire company lies in fostering a sustainable cycle of support and rewards. Contributors who give to new asks are doing more than just aiding others; they are initiating a beneficial cycle for themselves as well.

Giving this cash back to you promotes sustainable growth by ensuring the rotation of capital and upholding a vibrant ecosystem where every participant reaps benefits.

Our vision extends beyond immediate profits, aiming to cultivate a community where mutual support leads to enduring success and stability for everyone involved. This long-term perspective is crucial for building a resilient, supportive network that thrives on shared success and collective growth.

Aligning with Our Mission

Creating the only instantly spendable, ever-growing, cash-infused reward system introduces a new approach to healthcare. We want you to be able to earn with us, grow with us, and learn with us.

In simplifying healthcare's financial aspects, we build a system where no one goes into bankruptcy due to healthcare bills, and no one is making health-related decisions based on their bank account.

When you join and begin earning rewards, you're engaging in a system that aims to improve healthcare access, making it more inclusive and supportive. More humane.

Ravida makes healthcare more humane.

Help us, help others.

And make money doing it.