Split health & wellness expenses into biweekly micropayments

Earn unlimited cash-infused rewards whenever you use Ravida.

Over 50M adults in the U.S. take on debt in order to pay for healthcare

We believe that no one should have to make health decisions based on their bank account.

Take care of the most important thing that matters - your health.

All without taking on any debt.

We made it easy.

At Ravida, we pride ourselves on helping people take control of their health by removing financial barriers. Our ask system is designed to be simple and straightforward so that anyone can use our platform to live their healthiest lives.

There is no fine print to making an ask, only three steps.


Make an Ask

On our ask page, fill out the form to let us know what kind of support you need.


Sign a Note

Ravida reviews your ask and sends a promissory note with a request for documentation.


Get the Cash

So you can get the money faster, we'll send it via CashApp - right to your phone.

Get approved in under 60 minutes and receive money straight to your bank account.

Ways to use Ravida





Lab Tests

ER Visits



Urgent Care


Speech Therapy




Eye Exams

Physical Therapy



and many, many more...

Better Care = Better Life

We believe that when you take care of your health, you are able to be more confident and experience better lives.

Our mission is to help people get the care they need, or want, without putting themselves in financial jeopardy.

Millions are not able to buy the right pair of glasses, pay for physical therapy, or simply access the right medicine due to the costs.

The result is chronic illnesses, delayed recovery times, and if you do decide to get help...you go into debt.

Your employment status, your insurance premiums, or your income should not prevent you from living your best life.

Your healthiest life.